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In the past decade, setting healthcare priorities in hospitals is recognized as one of the most challenging factor in strategy of managing the cost of health care overall. While, the states, the federal government and the private sector have initiated various programs in order to prioritize the hospital setting to reduce the costs of health care services. The purpose of this paper is to review and evaluate the priority setting in hospitals on both macro (national) and micro (bedside) level based on research article published by Health Services Research Department, division of KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programmed, in January, 2014. According to Health Services Research Department, hospitals could play a significant role in delivery of healthcare services, while they captive a large proportion of the health systems resources. The authors in this article approached their research based on a thematic review of empirical studies, while it explores the potential factors that might have substantial impact on the priority setting at the hospital level. Subsequently, researchers applied a policy analysis framework to examine and synthesize the findings of a total of 24 research papers, which are published and reviewed in several world wild sources including; PubMed, EBSCOHOST, Econlit databases and Google scholar from developed and developing countries in 2013. According to this research article, Health Services Research Department identified four major forces that could have significant impact on the priority setting practice in hospitals overall. * Relative factors: space, resource availability, financing arrangements, accessibility and use of information, organizational culture and leadership * Depended factors: priority setting processes based on the type of priority setting activity * content factors in priority setting criteria *

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