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Essay: Canada vs. U.S Health Care System With health care at the tops of everyone’s issue who has a better health care system, Canada or the U.S., Michael Moore would vote Canada. Since the late 1960’s, Canada has had health care insurance covering all services provided by physicians and hospitals. The Canadian system is often held up as possible model for the U.S. The two countries health care systems are very different. Canada has a single-payer, mostly publicly funded system, while the U.S has a multi-payer heavy private system but the countries appear to be culturally similar, suggesting that it may be possible for the U.S. to adopt the Canadian system. The Canadian system is that it seems to do more for less, Canada provides universal healthcare for its citizens since 1984 with the creation of the Canada Health Act, while the U.S. has over 40 million of its citizens with no health insurance coverage. Moore compared the health care system of America to other countries, the one contrast that sticks out in my mind is when a man from the U.S. had the tips of his fingers cut off, he had a choice . Save the ringer finger for $12,000 or the middle tip for $60,000. The man chose the more romantic and cheaper finger to save, the tip of his other finger was thrown in the dump. A man from Canada had it even worse when all of his fingers were cut off during an accident at the knuckle. He went into surgery for approximately 24 hours and they were all saved. This cost him nothing. This is the same predicament and the outcome was totally different. Health Care Reform in the U.S. New reforms under the affordable care act begin to bring an end to some of the worst abuse of the insurance industry. These reforms will give America new rights and benefits include helping children get health coverage , ending lifetime a d most annual limits on care a and

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