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“21st Century Healthcare System” Introduction to Sociology Latanya McClendon Instructor- Natalie Griffin March 25, 2012 Is it hard for us as American citizens to be denied of health care due to our economy, the way and how we live or can we continue to let the government make those decisions to health care bill when it comes to saving our lives and making sure we are treated with the best care just like the those of us who are wealthy. The health care reform is by far one of the most highly involved matter that we have today, when it comes to who can receive care and how can we make it affordable for everyone to receive some kind of health care in America. National health coverage has been discussed in the United States since the time when Social Security was first instituted, and is still debated as a public option. Most individuals in the United States receive medical coverage through insurance companies. People with low incomes may receive partial health coverage from federal programs like Medicaid, and all elderly people are eligible for health care coverage through the Medicare program. Insurance companies identify what kinds of procedures they will pay for, and what kinds of providers they will reimburse. This type of regulation is designed to keep health care expenditures down. If people want procedures that are outside of the approved list, or if people want to use providers who are not authorized, they may do so, but at their own cost. The cost of health care has limited the use of preventive as well as essential medical care, and people with higher incomes tend to have better health as a result. As shown in Figure 4.4, the U.S. Social Security Administration found that income

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