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Angela Mitchell Prof. Caldwell ENGL 1302-41400/Research Essay 16 November 2013 Healthcare Ought to be Provided to all Citizens who Cannot Afford it because it is a Basic Human Right As human beings, our health and longevity has never been better. Many people today live to be 80 years and beyond, and often in good and active health. One of the major reasons for this is better healthcare and more access to healthcare for more people. On the other hand, however, many people do not have access to the same healthcare services as others. The main factor is funding. In many cases, people cannot afford a certain level of healthcare because of its rising costs. Others cannot afford the insurance levels required to cover their healthcare needs because of fatal consequences. The major challenge here is that officials need to recognize that human beings all have certain rights. The right to life should be among the rights to pursue happiness. Because human beings have a right to life, they should also have the right to good healthcare, whether they have a high income or not. Healthcare ought to be provided to all citizens who cannot afford it because it is a basic human right, the benefits outweigh the costs, and the government has a moral duty to care for the basic physical well being of its citizen. Free healthcare in the United States is rare, when it is provided even by means of special events and programs, it is considered a “strange parallel universe” (The Independent). The Independent article is highly critical of the current system in the United States, which it evidently favors the rich and disadvantages the poor. An examination of realistic examples appears to prove this. According to Pibel and Van Gelder, for example, many people without access to affordable health care suffer potentially fatal or at least extreme consequences because of it.

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