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Marketing Research and Segmentation problem HCS/539 May 28, 2012 Russell L. Zage Abstract The health care sector is the fastest growing part of the modern economy. It is also a challenging field for the policy makers and private sector. The cost of the healthcare is on the increase every year. In recent years all the healthcare foundations are trying to focus on the consumer. I am the market representative of Dean healthcare foundation in Dane County, Madison, Wisconsin. Marketing research helps to find the consumer interest and needs and help the organization to develop the right strategy. I will discuss the research on the consumers in the area using lifestyle analysis and marketing research databases. This research will provide the information on the lifestyle profile of the neighborhood of the St Mary. St Mary Hospital Serving South Central Wisconsin since 1912, St. Mary's Hospital offers a wide variety of health and wellness services ("St. Mary's Hospital", 2011). St. Mary’s hospital is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that raises philanthropic dollars for items like these and programs that reach the heart of the communities served by St. Mary’s. St Mary foundation is governed by volunteer, uncompensated board of members ("St. Mary's Hospital", 2011). With 5,400 physicians and 22,000 employees (6,600 of them nurses) in four states, St. Mary is one of the largest employers in every community it serves ("St. Mary’s Hospital", 2011). This hospital is the largest concentration of medical facilities. The hospital hosts one of the most respected emergence rooms in the whole country, on top of trauma center which is categorized as being on level one. The main street layout of the hospital provides more room that provides lodgings patients, doctors and the staff as a whole. St. Mary's also offer services in perinatology, cardiovascular care,

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