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Our current health care system has been a working progress since having to take care of its citizens. Having a few family members in this industry has taught me a great deal of knowledge within, and how our system is made up. In my opinion, our Pluralistic health care system has played a trial and error role in its making, of course, we would not be able to learn if it wasn’t for making a few mistakes along the way. We, the United States, “carry some of the most technological advancements in medical research studies and care as a whole. This type of industry has been and will continue to be an ever changing piece of work, as to always improve what we have” (John R Pratt 2010). We are trying to become or take the path of a so called “ideal or “bench mark” of a system and of course as good as we are, it may take years to accomplish or may even never happen at all. We stand in a critical era, in regards to our nations health care and its fore coming reform. “We are coming across a path where soon enough our baby boomers will need a wide array of coverage and care. To prepare for this or even become “The ideal system”we need to fix a few things along the way. Within our care units, whether acute or long term care”(John R Pratt 2010). As far as funding, I am a little bit skeptical on a few things. Our aiding in funds, I have to agree, have been ok. Not everyone can afford medical costs and care, so it’s nice to know, if qualified, we can rely on our Medicaid and Medicare "Health Care Reform - President Obama's Health Care Reform Plan." AAMC. 30 Aug. 2010. Web. 20 May 2011. <>. Longley, Robert. "Health Care Reform - President Obama's Health Care Reform Plan." U.S. Government Info - Resources. 25 June 2009. Web. 20 May 2011. <>. Pratt, John R. Long-term Care:

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