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The Untied States of America is going through a very serious health care crisis at this very moment. The question is how we can solve this current crisis. We are spending more money on health care than ever and more than most other developed countries. Upon being fired or quitting your job also means losing reasonable coverage not only for your self but also for your families. It is also estimated that 50 million Americans have no health care coverage, that including children. Personally it is hard to imagine life without health insurance. If you have any type of medical problem that requires attention, and you have appropriate health care insurance, you can be cared for in affordable insurance. You can get great treatment and your illness, depending on the harshness, can be treated as soon as possible. For example, what happens if a family member needed surgery, but does not have health insurance to cover the procedure? The relative can be dead all because of the lack of health insurance. If being fired or quitting from your job is not enough, picture having no health insurance while being out of a job. There would be no insurance not only for your self but also for your family. For example, your wife is a stay at home mother, she’s sick and needs surgery in order to get better but because of the lack of insurance, the hospital can not operate on her. These are the kind of situations that many Americans find themselves in on a day to day basis. We can not keep on letting our children and the people that we care deeply for go without the much needed health insurance. The text book definition of healthcare is defined as the treatment and management of illness, and the preservation of health through services offered by the medical, pharmaceutical, dental, clinical laboratory sciences, nursing, and allied health profession. So why is it that fifty million

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