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Healthcare: Right or Privilege | June 242012 | Connie Palmer | Soc 120 Introduction To Ethics & Social Responsibility Instructor: Alexis Luewellyn | Healthcare: Right or Privilege? BY: Connie Palmer Public Healthcare is absolutely not a right of anyone, but rather a privilege. I plan to illustrate a number of reasons why. Healthcare system in the United States has long been a debatable issue, especially when it was and is discussed by supporters of publicly funded healthcare. Unlike in many developed industrialized countries (including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom), the United States healthcare system is less socialistic, and thus a subject to many debates and disagreements. On one hand, private healthcare system – like in the United States – is a great contribution to national economic system (it is estimated that about 17% of U.S. gross domestic product comes from healthcare spending [Wiki, 2005]). On the other hand, such private system restricts certain members of American society from receiving appropriate healthcare, or from receiving them at all. Since over 40 million Americans cannot afford healthcare insurance (Webber, 2004), they lack appropriate medical care. However, those who belong to a higher social class enjoy ample level of healthcare services. Thus, such system is in fact discrimination of rights of people who are biologically absolutely the same as ones who can afford the care. Hence, healthcare system is not a privilege, rather it is a right, - a right of each and every human to be healthy, and to have access to appropriate medical care. Right VS Privilege Suppose it's eleven o'clock in the evening and you've just settled into bed after a tiring day of work when the doorbell sounds. You stumble down the

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