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* Image what it would be like if you were seriously sick with no healthcare. * Healthcare is important because we are having plenty of issues with people who are not covered with insurance. Just think about it what if you couldn’t get checkups. * The definition of healthcare is the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of physical well being through the services offered by medical health professions. * Healthcare in the United States is now more of a business than it is a service. * We all gain benefits from being healthy and I think it’s a right for all to live healthy and be treated when ill. pros * The number of uninsured U.S. residents has grown to over 45 million. * Gov. should be responsible for an affordable and a high quality healthcare. * I believe government should make a health care plan in which wealthier people pay a small amount and others with a low income pay absolutely nothing. Because of the big amount of taxes that everyone is already paying to the government, they should have a healthcare. * Also no one should be left out from a healthcare plan. * Medical services should encourage patients to practice prevention. * Currently, patients often avoid physical checkups because of the expenses. cons * Government programs are inefficient and the higher costs have to be paid for with higher taxes or spending cuts. This is a tradeoff that most Americans would not be willing to make. * The government has to pay for healthcare reform somehow. Taxing businesses is a big strategy. * Adding a huge amount of money to the deficit is not a good thing for the US economy. Healthcare would actually reduce the budget deficit. Overall, I think everyone should have a healthcare plan, because it will insure people to live safe and be healthy, and right now in the U.S. the healthcare

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