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Community South Medical Center: Strategic Plan HCA 340 Instructor: Ken Feifer 19 December 2011 Community South Medical Center: Strategic Plan As the CEO of the Community South Medical Center, it is time to evaluate and revise the organization’s strategic plan. First, the last revision of the plan was three years ago and one of the recommendations I want to implement is to see our plan as a dynamic process and continue to assess our directions due to unexpected circumstances and to persistently work towards improvement. Second, an evaluation of the leadership positions and their duties and responsibilities need to be reviewed and each member fully understands what is expected of them. Third, I would like to address the market trends that have occurred within the past three years and how it has affected our organization. And lastly, I would like to highlight our strengths and weaknesses and make preparations for any foreseeable and unforeseeable threats and vulnerabilities our organization may face. As the CEO, I am implementing that we continuously asses our strategic plan. The healthcare environment is ever changing and our plan should correlate that to help us confront issues as they come up. In addition to revamping the strategic plan, we can analyze the processes we have been implementing and perform self-inspections to grade its efficacy and perhaps modify our procedures, if needed. We will also use this opportunity to audit how effectively we have been utilizing our resources, again adjust if needed. Community South Medical Center has an excellent reputation and has been recognized by being awarded the Baldrige Center of Excellence evaluation and the Joint Commission (T.J.C) approval for the quality of service our organization has provided. However, customer satisfaction results have an overall average of 95percents. I, along with the medical

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