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Electronic Medical Records and Safety Paper March 3, 2012 Cassandra Griffin, Instructor Safety Issues Related to Electronic Medical Records talks about informing executives, physicians, technology personnel about what has been taught through published books and articles on the safety of HIT systems during the past decade and focusing on computerized physician order entry and clinical support systems as well as bar coded medication administration. Some of the main issues highlighted in this article are the Medical errors and the prevention of them, medical records and the data processing of them and also safety of the patients. The EMR is a very complicated piece of technology. It has many functions that are designed by people who do no know or really appreciated the complex interaction between human and computer. Most healthcare providers work environment is very noisy with higher workloads multitasking with complex tasks to complete, which in turns has room for more errors. When you use the EMR this changes the personnel’s workflow and creates a different system where less errors occur. Healthcare providers are satisfied with the electronic medical record (EMR) and it plays a decisive role in its implementation and subsequent use. Most physician respondents were satisfied with the EMR and used all of its components. The EMR seemed to decrease the time to develop a synopsis of the patient and improved communication. Electronic messaging was an important component and being able to have access to online references within the EMR was not valued over web-based access for most respondents. Some of the features such as remote access and electronic messaging were very useful and successful in their primary care practice. There pressure has grown bigger on hospitals and well as providers to implement the EMR. The main concern that physicians have is safety of

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