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HCS 405: Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper 1 Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper Adrian Marsh HCS 405 10/05/2011 Jose Pecero HCS 405: Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper 2 Health care financing consist of how money is collected, how money is shared, and how services are paid for. Healthcare services that individual receive are provided through hospitals, doctors, dentists, and pharmacies. Just how healthcare is financed determines how people are able to access healthcare, the forms of health care available, and the procedures used to allocate health care services. The methods used in financing healthcare influences how the costs of health care are spread among its constituents through income and by health condition (, 2007). Healthcare ethics have been a concern as long as healthcare has been practiced. Healthcare ethics represent moral values that are generally regarded as acceptable by society. As with healthcare financing, it is the responsibility of healthcare financial managers to uphold truthfulness and integrity in both professional and personal activities. Healthcare finance managers should realize the importance of relaying information fairly, and adhering to rules of confidentiality. They are there to promote the understanding of financial management issues not only to the healthcare industry but also to educate the public about the healthcare. The League of Women’s Voter is a political organization whose aim is to help newly-enfranchised women exercise their responsibilities as voters (, 2009). Their aim is to influence through advocating issues that are not only important to women, but to all groups of concern. They advocate through Voter service and citizen education; and program and action (, 2009). Healthcare issues that affect women are at the forefront

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