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Shift Work Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke Featured Article Academic Journal Main Category: Cardiovascular / Cardiology Also Included In: Stroke; Public Health Article Date: 29 Jul 2012 - 0:00 PDT email to a friend printer friendly opinions Ads by Google Eat to Lose Weight? - Learn What Foods to Eat to Lose Weight. Find Out Now, Free! - Diabetic Diet & Meals - Free Diabetic Recipes > Breakfast, Lunch - Snack - Dinner - Dessert. - Jobs in Restaurants - Job opening for cook, chef, baker, waiter, waitress, crew. Apply now! - Current ratings for: Shift Work Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke Patient / Public: 4 (4 votes) Healthcare Prof: 5 (1 votes) Article opinions: 1 posts An analysis that reviews studies covering over two million people finds shift work is associated with a higher risk for vascular events, such as heart attack and ischemic stroke. The study is the largest examination of shift work and vascular risk to date. The researchers, from Canada and Norway, write about their findings in a paper published online in the BMJ on Thursday. They report that compared to regular daytime workers, shift workers had a 24% higher risk for coronary events, a 23% higher risk for heart attack, and a 5% higher risk for stroke. Night shift workers had the highest risk for coronary events (41%). However, shift work was not linked to a higher risk of death (from any cause). Why Study Shift Work? Scientists have known for a while that shift work upsets the body's natural body clock (circadian rhythm) and work-life balance, and a number of studies have linked it to health problems, such as increased risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A link with diabetes is also well-established, for instance, a

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