Health Vulnerabilities of the Illegal Mexican Immigrant” Essay

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“Health Vulnerabilities of the Illegal Mexican Immigrant” We, as humans, are all biologically the same. We are all supposed to be susceptible to the same diseases, viruses, and illnesses. However, it seems that more often than not this is not the case. Various components play a major role in our health and certain risks that may or may not develop. Our environment, diet, medicine, lifestyle and self-hygiene can impact our general health. Any of these components can alter one’s health for better or for worse. Some groups of peoples are by circumstance in a health risk due to some internal or external situation. I believe that a specific group that is a vulnerable to health issues is illegal immigrants, specifically those originating from Mexico. Since immigrants from Mexico into the U.S are quite a large group to focus on, I will concentrate more on adult males ages 20-40 and the health risk they face due to certain circumstances and why they may be considered vulnerable. While conducting my windshield survey around my former neighborhood, I noticed something natural yet unnatural. I noticed a group of Mexican males standing on street corners from early hours of the morning until the afternoon waiting. It seems odd at first but on a closer observation, one can see that they are waiting to be picked up for manual, and harsh labor. Such phenomenon does not happen in only one area, but can be seen throughout Brooklyn. These men are often hired to work construction, roofing, demolition, and other various contracting jobs (Semple, 2012). In order to save money on labor, these employers hire illegal immigrants to perform such duties for a long period of time for a very low pay. Sometimes the pay is so low that it can be less than minimum wage. In return the employers earn a larger profit from hiring such

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