Health Speech Essay

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Good morning / afternoon class today will be talking to you about hepatitis B. The earliest record of an epidemic caused by hepatitis B virus was made by Lurman in 1885. An outbreak of smallpox occurred in Bremen in 1883 and 1,289 shipyard employees were vaccinated with lymph from other people. After several weeks, and up to eight months later, 191 of the vaccinated workers became ill with jaundice and were diagnosed as suffering from serum hepatitis. The virus was not discovered until 1965 when Baruch Blumberg, then working at the National Institutes of Health, discovered the Australia antigen (later known to be hepatitis B antigen the blood of Australian aboriginal people. Although a virus had been suspected since the research published by MacCallum in 1947 Dane and others discovered the virus particle in 1970 by electron microscopy. By the early 1980s the genome of the virus had been sequenced, and the first vaccines were being tested. Some symptoms of hepatitis B are general ill-health, loss of appetite,

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