Health Sociology Essay

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Assignment Cover Sheet | | STUDENT NAME & NUMBER Natalie Curley | # s198921 | Access Services Library & Information Access Charles Darwin University PO Box 41246 Casuarina NT 0811 Phone: (08) 89466483 Fax: (08) 89466549 Email: | POSTAL ADDRESS 23 Caroline Crescent Bertram WA | | POSTCODE 6167 | PHONE 0400615135 | | E-MAIL | | UNIT NAME Health Sociology | UNIT CODE NUR210 | Semester ___1___Year ______2010_____ | LECTURER NAME Dr. Deborah West | | ASSESSMENT TITLE Ass 2 Essay | | DUE DATE D…14..../M….09.../Y10…..... | DATE OF POSTING D…14..../M09…..../Y10…..... | APPLIED FOR EXTENSION? YES NO N/A | KEEP A COPYIf you have submitted assessment work electronically please make sure you have a backup copy.PLAGIARISMPlagiarism is the presentation of the work of another without acknowledgement. Students may use a limited amount of information and ideas expressed by others but this use must be identified by appropriate referencing.CONSEQUENCES OF PLAGIARISMPlagiarism is misconduct as defined under the Student Conduct By-Laws. The penalties associated with plagiarism are designed to impose sanctions on offenders that reflect the seriousness of the University’s commitment to academic integrity. | I declare that all material in this assessment is my own work except where there is a clear acknowledgement and reference to the work of others. I have read the University’s Academic and Scientific Misconduct Policy and understand its implications.* Signed: ________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________ *By submitting this assignment and cover sheet electronically, in whatever form you are deemed to have made the declaration set out above. | Office use only | Assessor use

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