Health & Social Nvq Assignement 1

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Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. Ai * Head office * Internet * Up to date employment law books Aii a) * Contracted hours * Discrimination * Health and safety b) * Safeguarding * COSHH * Risk assessments Aiii Employment law exists because it gives safety entitlement & also safe guards the worker and employer. Task B Bi My job role- In my job I work towards helping support independent living for vulnerable adults who have been or are being re-introduced into the community. My job consists of; -Medication administration (if needed) -Recording of & signing for medication -Personal care -Preparation of meals -Confidentiality When I started my employment I signed a contract consisting of my terms and conditions. I had to sign to accept that I would do a contract of a minimum 160 hours in a one month period although I may be needed to work additional hours. I also had to sign for a probation period stating I would be monitored for 6 months to see if I was suitable for my role, If I wasn’t doing my job to preferred standards my employment would be terminated. My contract explained my hourly rate & made me aware that I may be needed to work bank holidays and special occasions such as Christmas day. My contract also made me aware of the sickness conditions, Disciplinary rules and procedures, how I would appeal against a disciplinary & also grievance procedures. Bii The information that needs to be shown on my payslip is * National insurance number * Periods * National insurance contribution * Gross earnings * Tax contribution * Net pay * My name * Tax code * Company name Biii * My name * My address Biv Explain the agreed ways of working with your employer in relation of the following areas: * Data

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