Health Services Managers Job Description

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Medical and Health Services Managers – Job Description Lori Brunecz Human Resource Management: BUS 303 Debra Culler September 24, 2012 Healthcare and all components about healthcare are a very hot topic in the United States today. Members of any healthcare organization want reliable and effective diagnosis, treatment, customer service, and common courtesy. To this end, this is where Medical and Health Services Managers play a vital role. It is up to these managers to provide adequate and knowledgeable staff to provide the services the members of the organization are expecting. A job description to fill a position for a Medical and Health Services Manager must be geared toward finding the very best for the position, but also to find the very best that will help achieve and maintain the organization’s goals. Human Resource Management (HRM), in developing a job description, must go through the strategic HR planning which enables HRM to analyze an organization’s external and internal environments (Youseff, 2012). This leads HRM to the job analysis and job design. According to Youssef (2012), “Job analysis and job design are critical for the success of subsequent Human HRM stages.” Once HRM has collected the data, the data is then analyzed, which leads into the job description. The job to be performed in terms of tasks, duties, and responsibilities to be fulfilled are the characteristics a job description identifies (Youssef, 2012). Medical and Health Services Managers can have very specific job titles. Some of these titles are Office Manager, Nurse Manager, Health and Social Service Manager, Practice Administrator, Healthcare Administrator (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010). Therefore, the job specification (which describes the ideal person for the job) must be very specific with the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required of the candidate
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