Health Service Planning and Marketing Essay

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Brining It Altogether Mrs. Christina Michelle Jackson Dr Forbes HSA 505: Health Service Planning and Marketing September 8, 2012 Health care marketing is an important industry that affects everyone in one way or another. How we choose to receive care can be determined by the amount and quality of information that we receive regarding the services we are seeking. With the limitation of a health care corporation’s budget, marketing is something that has to be budgeted wisely and effectively. The approach to marketing whether for a traditional consumer company and the healthcare market is the same. You have to first assess the need and wants for your market or patients. Then you must develop a plan that fulfills that need. The development of that product or outline of the service and made and then delivered. This is all relatively the same across the board of marketing strategies for whatever industry the company is promoting. The one difference would be the way the benefits of marketing would be compared. With consumer goods, you would look at the number of units sold and profitability. With health care marketing, the assessment of a particular service that a physician offers may be judges by patient satisfaction or increase in patient load. There are several things that have to be taken into play when looking at physicians services. You not only have the physician’s credentials to assess, but the quality of the products that he may be using or techniques used to treat his patients. Results may not be as tangible. How you distribute your product and service is also important. Communicating changes relating to distribution of services or products is very important to stakeholders, or patient/consumers who are receiving or benefiting from the products/service. Distribution can be direct or indirect. As a health care organization, it is important to have a

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