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Clinical Psychology is a health service career. There are many years of education required, a vast amount of job opportunities, and salary depends on location and ability. Multiple skills are needed some can be taught and some should come natural. There is a high need for a love of people, the love to understand, investigate, endure, and help your client overcome the daily problems faced in life. Psychology has many different aspects from working directly with people, to knowing and understanding the brain, the functions of the brain, from diagnosing a variety of mental disorders, and following through with the treatment of the disorders. In order to stay current with diagnoses you need to pay attention to any changes that are made within textbooks, online, or if heard in any meetings. This is very key which goes hand in hand with listening skills. Without these abilities you may be lost in your own career path, without truly knowing. Therefore to stay ahead you should keep reviewing records, interview your clients, or people who are close with the client like doctors, family members, police, or other counselors. To determine the client’s condition and situation and to then come up with a treatment plan. To be able to work as a mental health counselor one must first have a high school diploma or GED; complete a bachelor’s degree or a significant course of work in psychology, sociology, or social work; following that complete a master’s degree in mental health counseling or social work; have a strong interest in helping others; have excellent communication skills; and have a license. Your education after high school may vary depending on state requirements or career requirements. Depending on how far you would like to explore the psychology world will also depend on how many courses you are required to take in college. On the job training may possibly include

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