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Course Syllabus ------------------------------------------------- HS100: Introduction to Health Science TABLE OF CONTENTS Click on a link below to view that section in the Syllabus. Course Calendar | Grading Criteria/Course Evaluation | Policies | Course Description | Instructor’s Grading Criteria/Timetable | Projects | Course Information | Instructor and Seminar Information | Rubrics | Course Materials | Kaplan University Grading Scale | Seminars | Course OutcomesDiscussion Boards | Netiquette | Tutoring | COURSE INFORMATION TOP Term: 1404C August 2014 Dates: 08/27/2014-11/04/2014 Course Number/Section: HS100-04 Course Title: Introduction to Health Science Credit Hours: 5 Prerequisites: None…show more content…
HS100-4: Discuss the roles and responsibilities of selected health science professionals. HS100-5: Define the professional traits and skills needed to be successful in the field of health science. General Education Outcomes: In addition, the following General Education outcomes are assessed during this course: GEL-1.1: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English. COURSE CALENDAR TOP Unit # and Topic | Learning Activities | Assessments | Unit 1: Introduction: Defining Careers in Health Science | Introduce yourselfComplete the readingPost to the DiscussionAttend the Seminar or complete option 2 | Complete the unit QuizComplete the Survey | Unit 2: Educational Requirements, Organizations, Certifications, and/or Licensures | Complete the readingPost to the DiscussionAttend the Seminar or complete option 2 | Submit the unit Assignment | Unit 3: Personal and Professional Characteristics | Complete the readingPost to the DiscussionAttend the Seminar or complete option 2 | Complete the unit Assignment…show more content…
LATE POLICY TOP You are expected to submit all assignments and projects by the due dates published in the course syllabus. In general, there is a 10 percent penalty for each week that an assignment is late. For example, if your assignment is due on Tuesday and you submit it on Wednesday, the highest possible grade you can earn is a B. If you submit it one week later, the highest possible grade is a C and so forth. Assignments may be submitted no more than three weeks late without prior approval from your professor. No late work will be accepted after the end of term without an Incomplete Grade approval. Certain course activities may not be eligible for submission after the conclusion of the week or unit. These include, but are not limited to, discussion boards, seminars, quizzes, and exams. We know that extenuating circumstances can interfere with timely submission of your work. Be sure to tell your professor and your Education Advisor right away if you are going to be late with a

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