Health & Safety in Social Care Settings

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Assignment 306 Understand health and safety in social care settings Task A Presentation You have been asked to contribute to an induction day for new staff. You are to Prepare a presentation about Health and Safety. It must include the following: AiA list of the key legislation relating to health and safety in a social care setting. Health & Safety Act 1974 Health & Safety Regulations 1999 Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER) Food & Hygiene Regulations Control of Substances hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) Working at Height Regulations (WAHR) AiiAn explanation of how health and safety policies and procedures protect people using social care settings. Health & Safety law, and regulations are not only there to protect the support worker and their colleagues, but also the people that we support, their visitors, guests, contractors and yes, even trespassers. Health & Safety is not there to stop us from working or carrying out activities that have risk attached to them, but to put into place effective controls to reduce risk of harm to the individual and those around them by carrying out risk/COSHH assessments and recording them, then reviewing them for the effectiveness of the assessment and the control that have been put in place to protect the individual. To follow the service Provider’s policies and procedures and formal training given to us for the protection of the individual. To be aware of our surroundings, to report damage to property and equipment that pose a risk to the People that we support, such as floor coverings lifting so causing a trip hazard, rips or tears to lifting tackle/slings, bare wires on plugs/cables, bed rails without bumper covers, cleaning materials that are not in use to be locked away in the designated cupboard/locker and to ensure that repairs
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