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The health risk assessment that I chose to see my risk level was for lung cancer. I believed I would have a high risk for lung cancer because my past smoking habits and family and loved ones who smoke. I was also exposed to asbestos when I served in the United States Army from the old buildings which I thought would raise my risk level. The risk assessment made it clear to me that I need to have screening tests completed. Cancer is a group of diseases that all have out of control growth of cells in common. If that out of control growth of cells occurs in the lungs it would be lung cancer. The collection or mass of those cells in a central spot would form a tumor. Depending on what type of tumor has grown would determine if you have cancer. A benign tumor is a tumor that does not spread throughout the body and stays in the original mass location (Workplace Advantage, 2010). When the tumor becomes malignant, meaning it is possible that it could spread beyond its original location it can be diagnosed as cancer (Workplace Advantage, 2010). Early detection of cancer is crucial to…show more content…
There are certain risk factors that you are able to control such as consumption of alcohol and tobacco use. There are also risk factors that you can’t control such as family history and experiencing different environmental situations. According to my risk assessment my risk is above average compared to a typical man. I have three main risk factors. I have recently quit smoking as of May 2011. When I did smoke I would smoke a pack a day. Smoking would be a risk factor that I can control myself as I did by quitting. While in the Army I worked in buildings with asbestos. While I was on active duty I smoked. The asbestos could have mixed with the smoke that I was inhaling which would greatly increase my risk for developing lung cancer (Workplace Advantage,

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