Health Rights Essay

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nderstand that the dilema comes when patient Margie Whitson feels lonely and have no meaning in preserving her life through the treatment of her pacemaker. Taking this decision has made her go thru the process of the ethical committee because, the previous attempts on her decision where not taken in consideration with the applicable laws aiding the patient in her concern. The ethical committee takes place when there is a difficult situation between patient and medical staff in the decision of their treatment. We have already laid out the dilemma, Patient’s wish to deactivate her pacemaker vs. Medical Staff values the preservation of the patient’s life. To continue the process I want to identify the morals involved in this case: (1) The value of the human life, (2) Justifying any ethical decisions and (3) Understanding the dilemma and pointing into how the dilemma is going to be resolved. I also want to take into consideration the morals in conflict: (1) Respect for the patient, (2) Promote the patient interest, (3) Preserve the patient’s life. In this case the patient/physician moral is involved where the patient gives consent to the physician for the treatment of his illness. The fundamental value is the life. The decisions made concerning respect for life has gained the defense for ethical issues. Cindy Mackin, I understand reading from the scenario summary that the patient feels lonely because she has lost all of her loved ones. The Patient Margie Whitson realized that all of her family has passed away and the only thing keeping her from reuniting with them is the pacemaker implanted in her chest two years ago. Cindy your respond to the patient’s concern is that maybe she feels lonely because she is “grieving the loss of her son right now” Cindy, you have told the patient “Things will look better tomorrow”. After various attempts from the patient trying

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