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Potential hazards within health and social care environment and harm that may arise as given in a scenario In my report I will be talking about hazards and what a hazard means as well as how we recognize them. I will be defining a social care and a care home, I will be identifying the hazards and I will define them. I will identify the hazards given in the scenario and I will get in a detailed explanation of them such as saying: why they are hazards, what type of hazard they are, and how do we decrease the chance of someone getting harmed because of them. A hazard is the chance of being injured or harmed, we can also say that a hazard is a possible source of danger (The Free Dictionary). Hazards can take place anywhere for example: In your own house, room, kitchen, workplace, school…etc. Anything out of it order, not in the right place, have a chance of injuring people does count as a hazard, so if you see a any of these you should be careful and try to decrease the chance of anybody getting harmed or injured. A social care is a profession where people work in partnership with those who experience marginalization or disadvantage or who have special needs (Irish social care gateway). An example of a place which includes a social care is the care home where there are employees taking care of old people who can’t take care of their selves and need help and assistance in everything they do. There are many types of hazards, in my report I will be talking about 3 main types of hazards. 1-Health hazard: A health hazard is a type of hazard that will damage or affect any part of your body or health (business dictionary). Example of a health hazard could be cold air, cold air may effect your body and give you diseases. 2-Saftey hazard: A safety hazard is something that could cause a person to be injured or killed (wiki answers). Example of a safety hazard can be a wet

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