Health Pyschology Essay

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Health psychology has emerged since the 1970s and it arguable that it has become a valuable resource in both predicting health and as a part of the clinical process. The emergence of health psychology has had major implications for understanding the behaviour of people before illness commences, during and after illness. Health Psychology is a way to support, intervene or inform and individual to change their behaviour to necessitate a long term change in health behaviour. Previously health psychology was incorporated into the treatment provided by a General Practitioner who would provide a medical diagnosis for treatment such as valium, anti-depressants, and drugs or counselling. Additionally, health psychology addresses the failure of the medical model by examining the psychosocial influences. Morrisons 2006 define health psychology as "the study of health, illness and healthcare practices."(Morrisons 2006). The fact that it considers a wide range of variables, health psychology explains the behaviours of people and what might cause illness and how people view the illness process itself. Also it helps us to understand why people behave the way they do even when it includes risk. As such health psychology" aims to understand, explain and ideally predict health and illness behaviour in order that effective interventions can be developed to reduce the physical and emotional costs of risky behaviour and illness" (ibid). It also aims to identify behaviors and experiences that promote health, give rise to illness, and influence the effectiveness of health by recommending ways to improve health care and health-care policy. In addition health psychology also "offers a holistic but fundamentally psychosological approach to issues in health, illness and care."(ibid). Health psychology aims to help keep people healthy through changing behaviour rather than waiting

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