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Health Promotion in Nursing Cynthia E. Martell Grand Canyon University: NRS429 August 17, 2014 Health Promotion in Nursing The purpose of this paper is to define health promotion, and how it relates to nursing. It will also describe the three levels of health promotion and give examples of each level. After exploring the three levels of health promotion we will look at how using these levels can improve health and quality of life for the people of the world. Health Promotion Define Health promotion can be defined as the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health (Edelman and Mandle, 2010). This involves educating them on healthier lifestyles. There are three levels of health promotion, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels. Each levels focuses on a specific point of the disease process. Primary Prevention Primary prevention involves ways to keep from developing a disease. The one type of primary prevention that everyone knows is immunization against disease such as polio. By immunizing our children we have almost eliminated polio in our country. Another example is lead exposure prevention. “Primary prevention of lead exposure involves education at both the family and community levels, in addition to remediation, policy action, or both” (Kegler, Malcoe, & Fedirko, 2010). Secondary Prevention Secondary prevention involves screening for and treatment of early stages of diseases. Types of secondary prevention that many people are aware of are mamograms for breast cancer, and blood pressure checks for hypertension. “This type of education and disease prevention are similar to those used in primary prevention, but applied to a person or population with an existing disease” (O’Connor, p. 66). For example, it’s secondary to “help individuals who use tobacco with successful cessation” to prevent

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