Health Promotion Essay

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The key conclusions about inequalities in health is the empirical study about the healthy and lifestyle of residents who is living in Scotland, Angus, Dundee and Perth & Kinross. This article highlighted that why people in Dundee have on average a lower life expectancy than in Scotland. The article also provides the relationship between about the date of population and health care facilities. It is also discuss about the income and housing facilities can affect the factor of health and wellbeing. According to the article, nutrition, lifestyles education, sexual behavior and physical activity can shorten the life of the people. For instance, in Scotland, 75% of children have to have school with no qualification. Consequently, they have lack of knowledge about the lifestyle and nutrition. They only consume just over half the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables than better off populations. The percentage of smoking in Dundee is twice as in deprived Tayside communities. There are also high teenage pregnancies in Dundee than the Scottish rate children have been failed to have dental extractions. The rate of cancer, heart disease and suicide rates are obviously high at Dundee social class will determine the health of people. The people who excluded are discriminated against on the disability, age, ethnic background and migrant status. Moreover, the place where you live can affect the health such as noise level, pollution and the maintenance of having, incidence of damp and level of crime. 4. Health is a condition of human being necessary to perform certain physical and mental activities. Health is socially constructed by gender, ethnicity, social, class, race, income and poverty. Social class and health has a clear relationship between order of mortality and morbidity. There are several factors which are highly significant in influencing health and illness within

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