Health Policy Legislation Essay

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Health Policy Legislation Paper Abstract This paper seeks to explore the current bill within the health sector in the US. One of the most controversial and famous bills in the media is the Obama Health Care bill. Within this paper, the bill number is determined and highlighted. The paper expounds on the background information of the bill as well as the legislation process. It reviews the advantages and disadvantages as well as the problems and challenges associated with the bill. Obama Healthcare Bill The medical environments around the world have been up to the task of improving their scope. The countries are focused on improving the efficiency within health care; and prefer the alteration of the health care sector. This is done through the legislation processes contained in their constitution and government. In America, one of the current bills in the health care sector is the Obama Health Care Bill. The Obama Health Care bill is a bill in the health care sector seeking to reform the industrial insurance cover. This bill strives to reform the health insurance coverage in the industrial levels so that it could cover favorably the middle-income and low income Americans (Peterson, 2011). This bill emanated from the act which was formulated with the interests of reducing the cost of health care to the poor and therefore making it much more affordable. Obama Care came into existence because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act, which was signed into law in 2010. This law allows and gives the Americans an array of benefits, rights and protection in the health sectors and also ensures that more Americans have access to affordable and quality healthcare. The bill draws its objectives realization in the period 2010 to 2022. The bill number is Obama Care Act of 2013 (H.R.2682). This is the time frame that the bill intends to realize all the set
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