Health Planning Essay

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health Facility Planning Natalee McGinn HCS/446 May 13 2013 Wally Ornsteen Facility Planning – Layout Through planning the process of my floor plan for my ambulatory health care facility I wanted the most comfortable, satisfying, and best care for my patients and staff. During that planning I was making a convenient and easy layout that worked around my staff and patients with not only the best care but the quality of their safety as well. When designing my waiting room I wanted the patients and staff to feel at ease as they walk through the doors with a warm welcoming in a peaceful atmosphere. Having patients at ease when they walk through in an at the nurses’ station where the client will sign in and wait for a brief period of time for their follow-up. When entering the patient’s rooms there are designed for the conformability to relax the patient during an exam, check-up and make the patient feel right at home with the comfortable deign of warm colors and home interior deigns on the wall. Supplying all the medical equipment needed if possible or if an emergency arises. This place is design for emergencies if needed with its on call staff of the best doctors around. This place will offer top of the notch services, along with the comforting team of compassionate treatment and care. Preparing for today and tomorrow you never know what can arise or what is needed, and when so prepare for the all. Planning for a healthcare facility floor plan is not easy. It takes time, artic skills and a lot of knowledge in building, rules and regulations and for building codes and city regulations for the best of you, your staff and the number one priority the patients. My
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