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A current health problem that I am experiencing is obesity. According to my physician, I am fifty pounds overweight. I agree that I am larger than I should or ever wanted to be. As far as I can remember, I have always been the type of person who was considered thick. I always had a curvaceous type of figure. In high school and all through my twenties my shape was always pleasing to the eyes. I had everything in the comet places. It was not until I decided to have a baby which was later in my twenties that my weight and my self esteem became a problem for me. I had my first child when I was twenty six years old. He was an eight pound healthy boy. On the flip side of that, he left his mother seventy pounds larger than ever. It was incredibly difficult to shed the unwanted baby fat. It seemed as if my eating habits remained as if I were eating for two. I tried every type of technique imaginable to try to get back to pre pregnancy weight. I failed at every attempt. Finally, when my son was about nine months old, I discovered Hydroxycut, diet pills. The pills worked. All I had to do was pop about eight or nine pills before each meal and the weight melts away. I used Hydroxycut for about a month before the miracle pill stopped working. From that point I was trying every new and improved diet pill that was advertised on television at that time. Finally, I had to stop taking diet pills after having a bad experience with heart palpitations. When I began to experience palpitations I decided it was time to lay off the diet pills. Soon after, I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. Her I am fifty pounds overweight and at the very beginning of another pregnancy. Thankfully, I did not gain as much with my daughter as I had gained with my son. After having her I was eighty pounds overweight. The thirty pounds I gained with her melted away

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