Health Issues In The Latino Community

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Health care Health care should be affordable for every single person that is residing in the united states like united state citizens, non-united state citizens, all workers, and the unemployed. With a universal Health care system, patients can receive the best of care at a better cost with the way the current economy that is suffering and is heading further down those who do not work cannot afford Health care. In addition, some people who work barely receive enough income to live on and cannot afford the Health insurance. With this policy, Health care would be affordable for all the citizens. Taxes will be raised and the government would have more work for the citizens in order to balance the tax raise. Without practical health insurance,…show more content…
This chapter involves: the financial barriers to care and health insurance the availability of appropriate health, mental health, and preventive services across the life cycle The disproportionate rates, for example, of diabetes, alcohol use, and mortality due to cancer and heart disease Barriers to services due to language, gender, and other forms of discrimination Under representation of Latinos and latino-sensitve individuals in medical and health professions, or in the training pipeline the lack of recognition of health practices based in Latino cultures the continuing lack of adequate health data on Latinos and Latino subgroups in particular. In Health Issues in the Latino Community chapter two talks more about: the health status of Latinos, Current Data of Limitations and Promise; Chronic Disease, Measures of Infectious Disease, Unintentional, Intentional Injuries and Oral Health, Health Care Utilization, Health Behaviors, also New Generation of Research Designs for Latinos. The Journal Assessing Health Concerns and Barriers in a Heterogeneous Latino Community, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved talks about Chronic illnesses, Mortality, Minority & ethnic groups, Drug abuse, Insurance coverage, Health services, Population, Mental health, Diabetes, Hispanic Americans, Medical research. “An increasingly diverse and growing population, Latinos present challenges in…show more content…
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