Health Issues Essay

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Medical Assistants completes administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, chiropractic’s, and other health practitioners. The reason I chose medical assisting as a career is because being able to help those in need and healing the sick gives me this adrenaline rush and makes me feel complete. This career has always been a passion of mines. My personality is a caring, loving, and outgoing person which is great traits to have in the medical industry. Medical assisting is a great career to pursue. Medical assisting is a growing career and its high in demand and is growing every day. Medical assistants typically do the following task including but not limited to: * Take patients history and measure vital signs * Help physicians with patient examinations * Give patients injections and start IVs * Schedule patient appointments * Prepare blood for lab tests CMA ROCKS CMA ROCKS Medical assistants typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. There is no formal education, but most require to be certified. To obtain a diploma you would typically go to school for 6 months at a vocational college. Or you can get a certificate in one year at a community college. Or you can get your associates in 17 months. While in school you will learn varies of thing including but not limited to: 1. Medical terminology 2. Medical law and ethics 3. Anatomy 4. Phlebotomy I am a sincere, loyal, and dedicated individual who has a great deal of ambition. I love to learn, and am always up to a challenge. I get along well with others while also working efficiently on my own. I would bring exceptional asset to the medical industry with my broad range of skills. Skills | Years of experience | Customer service | 7 | Computer | 10 | Collections | 3 | Scheduling |

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