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INTRODUCTION “Health Is Wealth” The phrase “health is wealth” has a number of different interpretations, with no one necessarily rising to the top as “right.” It can refer to the value or use of things and money, the connection between a person’s goals and physical status or how illness negatively can affect work and income. Other ways of seeing it deal with empowerment, decreased spending and the importance of taking care of oneself. In most cases, medical care is not free. When a person takes care of himself, he usually doesn't need to seek treatment as often. That generally translates to a decrease in medical spending, so some people think this phrase means that part of being money smart or wealthy is staying healthy. Another way to look at this common quote is that the information about the current condition of someone’s body or staying well is valuable because it is empowering. If a person discovers he has cancer, for example, he and his doctor can discuss what kinds of treatment might be best. He can make an educated decision for himself and remain in control of his own well-being. Often, these choices affect other areas of life What Does "Health Is Wealth" Mean? Considering that some things in life are priceless and cannot be bought with money, “health is wealth” might mean that how a person feels mentally and physically ties to the pursuit of goals and dream . Another possible interpretation of “health is wealth” is that being free from illness and pain has a richness of its own. In this sense, being sound in body is worth at least as much — or even more than — any material possessions someone can have. Many people like this definition because it reminds them to leave superficiality behind and to look beyond “stuff.” This is probably the most common way people think of the quote, and sometimes people use a variation to make the meaning more

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