Health Is A Human Right Essay

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Undressing the Ad and Got Milk? In Katherine Frith’s article, “Undressing the Ad: Reading Culture in Advertising,” she breaks down the processes of analyzing advertisements. These processes not only look deeper into the advertisements but they also expose the cultural influence behind them. Many issues are explored such as class, race, and gender and their use in contemporary advertising. Frith provides a couple of ad examples and goes on to deconstruct them showing the influence of culture in advertising. One passage I think serves as a vital connection to Frith’s main point in her article is found after the marketers definition of advertisement with her own definition: The limitation of this definition is that it falls short of giving us the whole picture. Advertising does much more than impart product information, it tells us what products signify and mean. It does this by marrying aspects of the product to aspects of the culture. Embedded in advertising’s messages about goods and services are the cultural roles and cultural values that define our everday life (Stern, 1992). The products we consume express who we are, they are cultural signifiers. The type of watch we wear, the brand of athletic shoes, or the kind of car we drive tell others a lot about us. Advertising not only tells us about the products we consume it also tells us what those products signify in our culture: (3) This passage shows the importance of creating a definition of advertising for ourselves. In the first sentence Frith tells us that the marketers definition “falls short of giving us the whole picture” letting us know there is more than meets the eye. Frith explains how advertising connects products to our culture by “marrying aspects of the product to aspects of the culture.” She then goes on to explain that
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