Health Insurance Marketplace: Case Study

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Department of Health and Human Services 465 Industrial Boulevard London, Kentucky 40750-0001 Heather Marx 2780 E 5TH STREET EXT LIBBY, MT 59923-2371 Jan 23, 2014 Application Date: January 23, 2014 Application ID: 229562942 Dear Heather: You recently submitted an application to the Health Insurance Marketplace. We reviewed your application to see if you can get health coverage through the Marketplace and help paying for coverage and health services through: • A new tax credit that can be used right away to lower your monthly premium costs • Health plans that lower your out-of-pocket costs • Montana Medicaid (Medicaid) and Healthy Montana Kids Plus (Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)), which are joint federal and state programs…show more content…
Do you have past medical bills? Medicaid may pay medical bills from the past three months. If you want to see if Medicaid will pay recent medical bills, contact the Medicaid at the number included above in this notice. You may then need to send the Medicaid copies of your unpaid medical bills from the last three months. How long can I keep my Medicaid health coverage? You must renew your Medicaid health coverage every year. Watch for a letter in the mail telling you if you need to send Medicaid more information at renewal time. What if information from my application changes during the year? Over the next year, you must report any changes that might affect whether you qualify for Medicaid, like if you move, your income changes, or the size of your family changes (for example, if you marry, divorce, become pregnant, or have a child.) To report changes, call the Medicaid agency in your state. Does Medicaid cover special health care needs? Yes. A person may qualify to get coverage for more health services and pay less for care if he or she has special health care needs, such as: • Has a medical, mental health or substance abuse condition that limits the ability to work or go to school • Needs help with daily activities, such as bathing or dressing • Regularly gets medical care, personal care, or health services at home, an adult day center, or another community setting • Lives in a long term care facility, group home, or nursing home • Is blind • Is terminally ill If a person has special health care needs, and wants to see if he or she qualifies, let us know. Call the state Medicaid agency or log into your Marketplace account at If the person qualified for other health coverage, he or she can keep it while the Medicaid agency decides if he or she qualifies for
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