Health Insurance Limitiations Essay

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HEALTH INSURANCE LIMITATIONS By: Amanda Gomez HSM544- Health Policy and Economics December 14, 2014 1.0 Executive Summary A recent government report discussing the Affordable Care Act indicates that health care companies are beginning to increase insurance costs due to rapidly increasing health care costs. The costs for visiting healthcare facilities (doctor’s office, hospital, outpatient services, etc.) have been increasing in price significantly over the last decade. Companies are now being forced to implement certain limitations on those who are covered, including those that are retired and/or dependent (families, spouse, children), and are now hiring more part-time workers. By hiring part time, companies do not have to offer healthcare benefits to the employees. In addition, more companies are opting for self-insurance. Self insurance is when the company you work for is the health insurer of its employees. The major benefit of self-insurance to the company is that it exempts them from state laws that regulate insurance companies. These laws may require insurance companies to provide coverage that is unprofitable to the company, but in the public interest. 2.0 Define the Problem/Issue My main concern/issue for this problem is those are having difficulty obtaining insurance. This affects people who are unable to work or care for themselves. This includes, but not limited to, people who are living with Cancer and unable to work due to extensive treatment, HIV/Aids, the disabled, and the elderly/retired. I will mainly focus on HIV/Aids and Cancer patients. Some people don’t have an option of whether or not they can work and pay for health insurance. I want to know what the limitations are and what solution we can find to make these limitations disappear so that all people are able to afford health insurance. I find that too many people are being

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