Health Insurance Essay

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Businesses should be required to provide free health insurance for all employees I feel that all employers should provide health insurance to all of their employees, there are so many people that go to work every day and still can’t afford to go to the doctor when it is needed. Employers should provide health insurance for their employees that have been with them for 6 months or more. We all as humans get sick sometimes which we need the resource that helps us to seek medical treatment if needed. All employers that provide health insurance to their employees is away to show them that they appreciated all the long hours and hard work that they provide to them. I know some employers may not be able to provide health insurance the their employees families, but if they are not able to provide this service at least make it to where it is affordable if they have to pay out of pocket. Because it’s so many people in the world today that deals with a lot of health issues. They can’t afford to go to the doctor because the fee to see the doctor then the price they are paying to get their prescriptions if needed. So if a person has high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and diabetes they are left in a tough decision. This is an issue where health insurance is very much needed. I know insurance company premium rates for people that are faced with health issues are much higher than a person that is healthy. This sounds so unfair this is a main reason why health insurance needs to be provided by the employees because we never know with what we are faced with. I know an employee will get a better rate from the insurance companies for a group rate than an individual rate. As for the people that have health insurance and abused their services are considered

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