Health Insurance Essay

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For my research paper I plan on writing for the fight of health care and how so many people are afraid to even go to the hospital just because they do not have insurance. So many friends of mine have come from bad family experiences, not much money and haven’t been able to have health care insurance. For me having the insurance I go to the hospital for any little thing because I want to always make sure everything is ok with me, for my friends who don’t have it they don’t even want to step inside the hospital. The reason is because if they have no insurance some hospitals and doctors won’t even work on the person. If the doctor decides to the bill will be tremendously high and the patient (without health insurance) will be paying back that bill there whole life. I don’t think its fair for people to have to pay for health insurance when they are not well of financially. My own girlfriend is going through and so is her little brother because there mother refused to get them health insurance and thinks nothing will ever happen to them. God willing nothing will but holding back a trip to the hospital for an emergency is a big thing that’s needed to be done for an emergency. Often people even get judged and will have to wait in the back in the line just because they don’t have insurance. I don’t believe this is right for anyone weather your rich or poor, the government is here for all of us and should support us

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