Health Insurance Essay

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One trip to the doctors office is all it takes for something to go wrong. When people get sick and go to the doctors office they more than likely reliy on there health insurance to pick up the bill. Honestly though how do you know everything will be fine and they will pick up the bill? Health Insurance is a really sensitive subject and most people dont think about it at all. Health Insurance is the reason more than fifty percent of peopole have filed bankrupty of people have filed bankruptcy it is scaring people if they have it they may lose it and it only covers a certain amount of things. Today in the united states over two million people have filed bankruptcy due to their medical bills. Most people who get sick can not afford to pay their medical bills because they have a low income job.'' Most people fileing bankruptcy are middle class families (consumer). People who have health insurance get a deductiable so their medical bills are less expensive. People who go to the doctor and are not insured are going to take longer to pay off their bills. ''portions of bankruptcy's that were medical-related dropped fifty-nine point three percent to fifty-two point nine percent between early two thousand seven and mid- two thousand nine.''(consumer) if we pass a law about medicare we will save five hundred billion dollars. the median debt leading to bankruptcy was about sixteen thousand five hundred dollars. most poeople who have health insurance think that they wont have to pay a lot. although bankruptcy is not mainly to do with medical bills most of it does. about thirteen thousand of the sixteen thousand five hundred dollars were for medical reasons. more than likely if more people had not had health insurance thos bankruptcys would not exist. also a lot of people who have filed bankruptcy has health insurance. most people who have health insurance such as medicare

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