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Health Insurance Policies | United States vs. Italy | Daniela Zuniga | We have discussed previously about health insurance. I have realized that certain countries have it better than the United States. I mean better by receiving the care that is required and not having to worry about an enormous bill later. This goes back to the video we saw in class called Sicko. This man goes out to the world to find out about other countries and their health insurance policies. I did some investigating for myself, which was our assignment as well and found another country that is better than the United States. That is Italy. Italy is located in Southern Europe while the United States is in North America. It is populated with approximately 60,483,521 people, while the Unites States is populated approximately 311,591,917 people. There is a major difference in the populations. It is expected from the Italians to find good medical health assistance for a low or no cost. Their doctors are well trained and dedicated professional. We all know that in the United States doctors are well trained also but I do not get the feeling that they are dedicated as they should be to their patients. Obviously a low cost is not expected from any patient. Not everyone has or can afford health insurance, while in Italy every person should have some type of health insurance. The Italian health policy works by being employed in Italy first. It does not matter if you are Italian or not. The employer is paying for the health insurance provided by their state. The state insurance covers in-patient treatment, family doctor, and certain specialists. It also pays for part of the medications, out-patient and dental treatment. The employee only needs to register at a local heath authority and follow through the process. In the United States not all employers can provide health insurance for their

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