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Health Insurance TJ Wicker HS 230 Professor J. Long 8/7/2011 All three of the above Insurance companies provide care through offering different types of managed care plans. They offer (HMO’s)-Health Maintenance Organizations. This is the most controlled type of health care plan. You must use the HMO's doctors and facilities. Medical care outside the system is not covered. But while you do lose some "freedom of choice," you benefit from lower out-of-pocket costs. HMOs usually have no deductibles or plan limits. For each visit, you pay only a small fee ("co-payment"), or nothing at all. (PPO’s)- Preferred Provider Organizations, is a network of doctors and hospitals that has agreed to accept a discounted fee for their services from the plan. When you enroll in a PPO, you can choose any doctor or hospital on the list of "preferred providers." If you select a provider who is not on the list, the plan will pay less (and you will pay more). Some PPOs require that you select a primary care physician to control and direct your care. Often, preventive services are covered. Unlike HMOs, PPO plans are likely to carry deductibles and plan limits. Many offer several different plans, ranging from the most expensive (full coverage) to the least expensive (higher deductibles). Point-of-Service Plans (POS) are plans that operate a lot like an HMO, but it allows you to choose a doctor or hospital each time you need care. To receive the plan's highest level of benefits, however, you must choose a doctor or hospital within the POS "network." If you choose a provider outside the network, you will have to pay the difference in costs. The cost of Health Insurance varies greatly. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law on March 23, 2010 mostly addresses access to health insurance coverage and assures that all

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