Health Inspection Essay

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The relationship Jerry builds with his local health inspector can be of great benefit to his food safety and sanitation programs and help him to please his customers. The ultimate goal of a health inspection is to protect the public and prevent people from becoming ill. Neither the health department nor the restaurant ever wants a customer to become sick. It's not good for the restaurant or the Health Department. Therefore, the goal of health inspections is NOT to catch something or get somebody into trouble, but to prevent illness. Since this is clearly a common goal shared by both entities, the next step is to assure effective communications and build a strong relationship in order to make that goal a reality together. When the inspector Carolyn arrived Jerry greeted her pleasantly but didn’t ask to see her credentials. It is important that you establish the basis for the inspection and the authenticity of the inspector from the very beginning. Be professional, cooperative, friendly and open. After Jerry greeted the health inspector he show her that he takes great interest in providing customers with safe and high quality food while accompanying her during the inspection. It is nice when the person in charge is able to go around with the inspector during an inspection. If not the manager or the assistant manager, then at least one of the staff. Because inspectors usually show up unannounced, it is perfectly understandable if restaurant operators are too busy to accompany. Accompanying the inspector during the inspection shows the inspector that you're interested in the process and in correcting any problems immediately especially if it is an owner like Jerry. Observing the inspection allows Jerry to better understand the basis for the recommendations that are being made. A picture is worth a thousand words. Having violations physically pointed out gives

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