Health Informatics Essay

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13 steps to Reliability How can you determine if the information you retrieve from the internet is reliable? Here are 13 easy steps. 1. Who developed the website? 2. What is the site’s purpose? 3. Are you able to contact the site’s sponsors? 4. Where does the support money for the site come from? 5. Are the advertisements if any on the site labeled? 6. Where does the information on the site come from? 7. How is the information used selected? 8. Who reviews the information on the site? Are they experts in the field? 9. Does the site make unbelievable or emotional claims? 10. Is the site up to date? 11. Do they ask for your personal information? 12. Does the site state how personal information is used? 13. Do you feel comfortable how your information will be used? No one site may answer all your questions .Compare sites and always consult you medical provider Renee W. is a 50 year old mother of four adult children. She has been a schoolteacher for the past 20 years. She has been happily married for the past 25 years. Renee has been in relatively good health with few concerns regarding her health until recently. At age 50 she had never considered having the routine screenings recommended by her physician, however, recent discovery about her family medical history has raised concerns about her own health. Before she follows through on her doctor’s recommendations she decides to research information via the internet. Women between the ages of 50 to 75 should be screened for colorectal and breast cancer. CDC Vital Signs (2009). Renee was assisted in locating 2 websites. The first web site was the CDC at She was instructed on how to evaluate this website and it met the criteria for a reliable website. The CDC’s National center for health marketing coordinating

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