Health Inequality Essay

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TITILE: TUBERCULOSIS IN ETHNIC MINORITIES AND INEQUALITIES IN HEALTH. MODULE CODE: HEALTH INEQUALITIES. STUDENT I.D: DUE DATE: 22-11-11 WORD COUNT: 1500. STATEMENT Tuberculosis (TB) remains an important public health problem in industrialized countries. The majority of cases occur in minority groups, particularly recently arrived immigrants from countries with high endemicity who often congregate in deprived communities within wealthy cities. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, people from the Indian subcontinent and sub-Saharan Africa living in inner cities have higher rates of TB than the general population; particularly during the first years after arriving in the country, (WHO 2008). Within the developed world immigration is the greatest factor contributing to the increase in cases. In England 60% of cases are in ethnic minority groups, which comprise only 5% of the population. Of these individuals from the Indian Subcontinent form the majority, ( online ref), and one of the explanations attributed to this surged of tuberculosis in the capital of London is not only due to the intensification of immigrants living in the cities, but the living environments in which they find themselves , overcrowding, poorly ventilated housing, malnutrition, smoking, stress, social deprivation and poor social capital. The perceptions of health and illness in many minority groups are altered resulting in a negative impact on health-seeking behaviours and access to services, (WHO 2008). The assignment aim to identify a range of factors (Tuberculosis) which influence the health status of individual (Ethnic Minorities), and theoretically elucidate the health inequalities It shall also examine the relationship between structural position and health status, appropriate government and other policy document will be utilise in this

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