Health In The Community Essay

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Individual Health to Community Health and Beyond Healthy People 2010 is a collaboration of science based works aimed to promote health and prevent disease on a national level. This resource is valuable to all health care professionals in their daily practice. This useful tool provides support for practitioners when they advocate for their patients and it can also “serve as a road map for improving the health of all people in the United States during the first decade of the 21st century” 1. The research behind each objective in Healthy People 2010 lends itself as a wonderful resource for health practitioners, including physical therapists. I believe the information within the chapters helps to support my advocacy for the students I serve specifically and all of the students in the school district. Having met resistance from a parent of one of my mildly disabled students when encouraging the parent to involve the student in a soccer program, I have not pursued the issue since. After reviewing the implications of regular exercise for all individuals, I feel validated to continue to advocate for this student and his right to participate in extracurricular activities. Aside from using the resource to promote individual health improvements, the expectations and goals of Healthy People 2010 can support my advocacy for students of the entire school district. As recess is seen as time away from studies by school administration, the amount of time at play during the school day is diminishing. Although Healthy People 2010 does not specifically have a goal to increase children’s time of physical activity, it does support the concept of increasing time of physical activity in general and advocates that regular physical activity leads to life long habits. Furthermore, it also promotes that schools are one of the most efficient ways to provide physical education

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