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Health Education Plan

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Health Education Plan for Community Obesity
Wendie Land, RN
February 28, 2011
Beth Edwards, MSN, BC, FNP

Health Education Plan for Community Obesity
This health education plan’s creation was based on the information collected from the Windshield Survey of the Jacksonville, Florida area.   This plan is directed towards the community as a whole.   The plan will include: a description of the educational need; establish a goal and three objectives for the community; select two appropriate educational methods; outlines the steps to implement the plan; and evaluates the educational process including educator and process evaluation.
Educational Need
There is a clear educational need for the prevention of obesity and the reduction of obese people within the community.   As identified in the Windshield Survey, Jacksonville has an adult obesity rate of 27.5% and a diabetes rate of 10.4% (City Data, 2010).   According to Active Diner (2010) there are 1,910 fast food restaurants in the city.
Obesity, like cancer, is not just one disease but instead many conditions with varying causes.   The terms of obesity and overweight are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different health problems.   Overweight is an increase in body weight for height compared with a reference standard, or up to 10% greater than ideal body weight (IBW).   However, this leads me not reflect excess body fat.   It is possible for a well-developed athlete to appear overweight because of increased muscle (lean) mass, in which the proportion of muscle to fat is greater than average (Hall, 2006).
Obesity refers to an excess amount of body fat when compared with lean body mass.   The normal amount of body fat in men is between 15% and 20% of body weight.   For women, the normal amount is between 18% and 32%.   An obese person weighs at least 20% above the upper limit of the normal range for ideal body weight.   Morbidity city, also called extreme obesity, refers to a weight that has a...

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