Health Data Corp (Hdc) Marketing Plan Critique

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Health Data Corp (HDC) marketing plan covers most elements of a marketing plan, but there are a few missing parts which listed below; 1. The lack of executive summary causes difficulty for understanding HDC business at a glance. 2. The product description is not clear. Currently, product description is inside of opportunity analysis and the absence of clear demarcation, what HDC wants to sell is not clear. 3. The opportunity analysis does not find any unmet needs. To find unmet needs, HDC should research and analyze its market thoroughly. 4. The target segments are overlapped with each other and vague. It is hard to tell which segment HDC will focus on. As a result of vague segmentation, HDC’s value proposition is also ambiguous. Also, different segment requires different value proposition. HDC should clarify their target segments first and build value proposition related to each segment accordingly. 5. The uniform price is not realistic. Each distribution channel needs a different price. 6. The appendix has no reference numbers. Therefore, it makes hard to find the meaning of the pictures is unclear. Among these limitations, we will focus on the product description and segmentation analysis. Proposed Product Description The product description needs a clear title and also needs to describe which product HDC sells. The current plan explains that HDC’s products are the Universal Fitness Equipment Monitor (UFEM) and the Fit Miles program. However, HDC lumps together these two products, so all target segments, value proposition and even pricing are not distinguished from each other. HDC should consider categorizing these products into two groups, product and service separately. The product group would be a hardware based ‘UFEM’ product, mainly targeted for health club owners, and the service group would be a software based ‘Fit miles’ program targeted

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