Health Consequences Of Methamphetamine Abuse

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Daniel Miller Professor Powlette ENC 1101 31 October 2012 The Strong Addiction The illegal drug methamphetamine should not be used because of the negative mental, physical, and health consequences. Methamphetamine is highly addictive drug, which means it is hard to stop using once you start. This is compounded by the fact that meth is easier to get than other illegal street drugs and is sometimes cheaper. Methamphetamine is a crystal-like substance that sometimes comes in large rock-like chunks; it is usually white or slightly yellow, depending on the cooking process. This drug can be smoked, snorted, injected, or swallowed. The effects of methamphetamine last much longer than other illegal drugs; it is harmful no matter how long you…show more content…
The use of meth can cause tooth decay. When the abuser uses meth it causes them to have a dry mouth, this makes the abuser want to drink fizzy and sugary drinks (Methamphetamine Abuse). The abuser is less likely to brush their teeth and they may rot out. Another habit that meth users get is grinding, chewing, or clenching their teeth more than normal (Methamphetamine Abuse). All of these actions are symptoms of meth mouth. A major consequence of meth use is overdose. When you overdose on methamphetamine the effects and consequences may cost the user their life. If the user overdoses on meth it can cause them to lose consciousness, have a seizure, and their heart may stop beating (Methamphetamine Abuse). Methamphetamine users may be more active with sexual activity, which can affect them later on. Meth can increase sex drive in both men and women, but may decrease a man’s ability to have sex. They begin to have sexual intercourse with numerous people. These actions usually result in sexually transmitted diseases because they do not practice safe sex (Methamphetamine Abuse). There was a recent study done on the relationship between methamphetamine use and health and social outcomes. In the interview their were 106 respondents who all experienced negative consequences of methamphetamine use (Baskin). The most serious methamphetamine related health problem was seizures and convulsions (Baskin). The most prevalent health affect was weight loss (Baskin). It is apparent from the findings that methamphetamine use heightens the risk for negative health, psychological, and social outcomes

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