Health Consequences Of Female Genital Mutalation Essay

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Health consequences of female genital mutilation/cutting in the Gambia Review The article begins by giving a clear explanation of what female genital mutilation is and the nature of conducting such an act. The article explains that genital mutilation is any removal or injury to the female genitalia. The article goes into in-depth explanation that this act is considered internationally as a violation of civil right to women and girls and an act of discrimination to women because the medical complications and long term effects from having a procedure like such done. The article believes that 100-140 million females have had this type of procedure done and over 3 million girls annually are at risk of having what some of these cultures that practice this act calls female circumcision. The article goes into explanation of the many different cultures religions and countries that practice female circumcision and the reasons and the significance that it plays in some religions and some cultures. The article goes into explanation for some cultures female circumcision is a rite of passage to womanhood, some believe it identify cultural and gender identity, some cultures sees it as a sign of purity and virginity, and most important of most beliefs, the ability to marriageable to a respectable man. The article goes into explanation of the many different procedures that are conducted some involve removing the clitoris, some involve removing both set of labia’s some involve sewing the labia at an angle to allow urine and menstruation. It then goes into details of the medical risk that comes along with these practices such as shock, hemorrhaging, chronic pain, difficulties in child delivering and severe psychological problems. Despite the studies conducted, studies show that the number of these type of

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